Weight Loss Revision Surgery Cost 

Australians who have previously undergone bariatric weight loss surgery may experience insufficient weight loss. Others may find their initial bariatric procedure was unsuccessful in addressing their coexisting health issues. For some, there may be complications arising from their initial procedure. 

The good news is that there’s a positive way forward – and that is weight loss revision surgery. In this article, we explore the costs associated with weight loss revision surgery along with the ways individuals can make weight loss revision surgery affordable.

What are the costs associated with weight loss revision surgery?

Patients seeking weight loss revision surgery typically fall under 2 categories when it comes to paying for their procedure. They are either privately insured or self-funded. All patients undergoing weight loss treatment with Dr Kuzinkovas will be provided with a detailed quote that includes a breakdown of all costs. The costs involved in weight loss revision surgery typically include the following:

Clinical management fees 

These are the surgical costs and will include elements such as follow-up appointments with a support team. The appointments can include dieticians and psychological counseling (when required). This ensures that anyone undergoing bariatric revision surgery has the support and assistance required to achieve their weight loss goals. 

Anesthetist fees

Most specialists have a close working relationship with an experienced anesthetics team. Their fees will be clearly outlined during the consent process along with any partial rebates you can expect from Medicare or your private health insurer (if available). 

Hospital fees

Patients with private health insurance policies that cover Bariatric surgery can expect to have their hospital fees covered by their insurer. Dr Kuzinkovas recommends checking the details of your policy as some insurers may charge an excess, which means they offer cover for a portion of your hospital costs. 

For individuals wishing to take up private health insurance for bariatric surgery ahead of any planned weight loss surgery, Dr Kuzinkovas recommends researching the waiting periods as these can vary between health insurance providers. 

Individuals without private health insurance will have what is known as an out-of-pocket expense. This expense covers their hospital stay and as the name suggests, the cost will be covered by the individual. 

Self-funded Bariatric Revision Surgery

If you are an eligible candidate for bariatric revision surgery and you are unable to cover the cost of your procedure, there are several ways of funding your procedure, and they are outlined below. 

Accessing Superannuation for Weight Loss Surgery

The ATO (Australian Tax Office) does allow the early release of superannuation on compassionate grounds. Weight loss surgery and bariatric revision are both considered acceptable reasons for early access to super. Provided you meet the criteria set by the ATO, Dr Kuzinkovas and his team can help you prepare the necessary documents to apply for early access to your super. More information from the ATO is available here.

Finance – MediPay Payment Plans 

If an individual does not have private health insurance and does not wish to withdraw their super, there are finance options dedicated specifically for medical costs. MediPay offers quick and easy finance options for bariatric procedures. MediPay offers: 

  • Payment plans up to $30,000 
  • Online application in under 60 minutes 
  • Funds available same day 

Other costs associated with weight loss revision surgery

Supplements and nutrition costs

Patients are required to follow what is known as a very low-calorie diet (VLCD). Typically, this begins 2 weeks before surgery and lasts until after the fourth week following surgery. The VLCD meal replacements are available for purchase from most reputable chemists/pharmacies. Some patients may benefit from using protein shakes and meal replacements in an ongoing manner. Dr Kuzinkovas will make recommendations according to individual needs. 

Personal training costs

Generally speaking, the benefits of a consistent exercise program are well-documented for almost all individuals. For patients undergoing weight loss revision surgery, it is even more crucial. 

Along with promoting weight loss, carefully structured exercise will help patients improve body composition. Preserving muscle mass during times of rapid weight loss is an important step in maintaining a healthy metabolic rate. 

Understanding the costs associated with weight loss surgery

If you’d like to get a better understanding of the costs associated with bariatric weight loss revision surgery, get in touch with our team today by contacting our clinic on 1300 551 533.

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